Tuscora Park Amphitheater


161 Tuscora Ave., N.W.

                                                 Tuscora Park, New Philadelphia, Ohio.

                                                                              PH: 330-343-6814


2018  Summer Showcase Schedule of Events     


Date…                   Time…     Show…                                              Sponsored by…




SUN MAY 27TH       7-9         Scott Miller, NP Jazz & Steel Drum     New Philadelphia Rotary




MON MAY 28TH       7-9          Dominic Greco Band                       Shirley A. Wagner




SUN JUNE 3RD        7-9        Dover Jazz and Steel Drum Bands     RTY Inc.




SUN JUNE 10TH      7-9        Michelle Robinson Band                  Kennedy Insurance




SAT JUNE 16TH       7-9       Dominic Greco Band                        Park Village & Medi-Wise Pharmacy




SUN JUNE 17TH      7-9       Randy Velez                                     Cox Insurance




SUN JUNE 24TH      7-9      Jerome James and Jericho               Finnicum Insurance, Barnett Realty Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffiths, Dougherty




THUR JUNE 28TH    7-8:30  122nd Army Band - Ohio National Guard    United States Government




SUN JULY 1ST         7-9      Tequila Mary                                   WBTC Radio




WED JULY 4TH     4:00 -5:30     Dominic Greco Band                First Town Days Festival




SUN JULY 15TH       7-9     An Evening of Barbershop               Geib, FNB Dennison, Cronebaugh Auction




SUN JULY 22ND       7-9    The Family Band & Guests              WJER Radio and Dover Phila Credit Union




SUN JULY 29TH         7-9     LaFlavour                                        McInturf Realty, Dover-Phila Subways and Allied Machine and Engineering




MON JULY 30TH      6-9    Community Night of Worship            Send Judah First, Synergy, Ezekiel Project




SUN AUG 5TH           7-9    Trumpet In The Land Singers          Park Village Healthcare




SAT AUG 11TH         6:30-8  Dominic Greco Band                      Schoenbrunn Healthcare & Kemp Insurance




SUN AUG 12TH         7-9     Blackhand Hooch                           WTUZ Radio




SUN AUG 19TH         7-9    Jericho                                            Dee's Restaurant & Tuscarawas Co. Library




SUN AUG 26TH         7-9   The Del Sinchak Band                     Country Club Rehabilitation




SUN SEPT 2ND          7-9  Tuscarawas Philharmonic               RTY, Times Reporter, Marsh Foundation




MON SEPT 3RD         7-9  Kavan                                               WJER Radio and Dover Phila Credit Union




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